Golf Video Cameras

If you're a golfer like myself and like to analyze your golf swing through video analysis, then this is the place for you. I had a hard time finding good high speed video cameras to record my swing in slow motion. Well, I ended up doing a lot of research and found a lot of good options.

Golf Video Cameras

Swingshot HD Golf Video Camera

I just saw this “little” device while doing a search for “golf video cameras”.

It seems like a pretty nice idea, but am I really gonna pull this thing out during a round?  Check out the video:

It retails for $399, but  you can find this device on sale at Amazon for $329 and other websites for $299.  This thing is nothing more than a camera on a tripod with pretty colors.  With a maximum frames per second of 60, and a 720p resolution, I think you can find a better alternative for cheaper.  I’ve read that the GoPro Hero3 ($199 at Amazon) is a safe bet in terms of slow motion capture.  Or Sony’s HDR-AS15 ($249 at Amazon), which integrates nicely with v1′s iphone and ipad swing analysis apps.

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