Golf Video Cameras

If you're a golfer like myself and like to analyze your golf swing through video analysis, then this is the place for you. I had a hard time finding good high speed video cameras to record my swing in slow motion. Well, I ended up doing a lot of research and found a lot of good options.

Golf Video Cameras

A brand new Sony Action Camera HDR-AS15 is on sale at Amazon for $128 right now. That’s the lowest price that I’ve ever seen for this slow motion camera. The camera captures full 1080p at 60 frames per second. It’s pretty neat actually. With a golf swing, you can actually see the blades of grass fly up after the club hits the ball.

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One of the new features of the new iPhone 5s is the ability to record slow motion video at 120fps at 720p.  This is equivalent to most of the action cameras out there these days, like the Sony Action Camera HDR AS-15 and the GoPro Hero 3. To access the slow motion camera on your iphone 5s, just go into the camera app, and swipe to the right: Then click on the red record button to start recording.  What you …

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Amazon is selling the Sony Action Camera HDR-AS15 with Wifi for $178 brand new.  This is the lowest price on this camera that I’ve seen.  With Amazon Prime, you can get this camera in 2 days.  With the new firmware update, you can record at 1080p x 120 frames per second, which is perfect for recording your golf swing. You won’t get a better deal than this at the moment.

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Looks like just lowered their price on the Sony Action Camera.  This camera is great for recording your golf swing in slow motion.  With the firmware update, you can record 60 frames per second at 1080p. If you want an even better deal, buy the camera from Amazon Warehouse, and save $30.

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Sony Action Camera HDR-AS10 & HDR-AS15 Firmware Upgrade 2.0

sony action camera firmward upgrade 2.0

Looks like Sony just released a firmware upgrade for their Action Camera.  With the firmware upgrade, videos can now be recorded in full 1080p x 60fps.  That’s about as good as you’ll get with this camera. In addition, there is a new “WATER” mode, where the white lighting is balanced when taking videos under water.  And the last upgrade is the BEEP mode, where the camera will beep when buttons are pushed. Download the firmware upgrade here: Now, if …


Sony Action Camera (HDR-AS15) on Sale at Amazon for $238 – Brand New


From now until May 11, 2013, get the Sony Action Camera (HDR-AS15) from Amazon for $238, Brand New. This is $30 off the original price of $268. Definitely the best price for one of these anywhere.


Sony Action Camera HDR-AS15 w/Wifi Review


Last week, I bought a “like new” Sony Action Camera from Amazon Warehouse for $206.  Regular price on one of these video cameras are $268 from Amazon.  The first one that I got was missing a few pieces, so I had to return that one.  I ordered another one, and just like the description said, it was very much “like new”. The “very good” rated cameras went as low as $199 on Amazon Warehouse, but it looks like the prices …


V1 Golf iOS App for $2.99 During Masters Week 2013


The V1 Golf Swing Analysis app for ios is on sale this week for $2.99.


Swingshot HD Golf Video Camera


I just saw this “little” device while doing a search for “golf video cameras”. It seems like a pretty nice idea, but am I really gonna pull this thing out during a round?  Check out the video: It retails for $399, but  you can find this device on sale at Amazon for $329 and other websites for $299.  This thing is nothing more than a camera on a tripod with pretty colors.  With a maximum frames per second of 60, …


Sony HDR-AS15 w/Wifi on Sale at Amazon Warehouse for $207.60


Amazon Warehouse has this camera on sale for $207.60 in “very good” condition. I’ve seen the “Like New” cameras on sale for as low as $206, which are pretty much brand new returns. You really can’t get any better than this.  And the best thing is that this camera works directly with the V1 ios app, so that you can capture and analyze golf swing videos instantly.  Whether you’re a teaching professional or just an avid golfer looking to improve …